• sapient private wealth
  • Investment Management

    As a true fiduciary, putting clients’ interests first has always been a core belief of Sapient. Our sophisticated, thoughtful approach to wealth management is customized to the objectives and risk tolerance of each individual client.

    Investment Management

    We begin by taking sufficient time and effort to understand your current lifestyle needs, your risk tolerance and your future aspirations. Next a clear statement of objectives is prepared to reflect your liquidity and cash flow needs, your tolerance for volatility and risk and the target return necessary to meet your long-term goals. Ultimately a customized asset allocation map is created to provide guidelines for maintaining proper portfolio balance. Investment tools and managers are then selected after rigorous due diligence. Regular review and rebalancing complete the comprehensive process.

    Liquidity and Cash Flow Management

    The first step in the portfolio design process is to develop a plan for cash flow and liquidity needs. We work closely with you to develop budgetary guidelines to ensure proper levels of cash and liquid investments are maintained. To this end, we regularly review and rebalance your portfolio to meet current income needs and to provide for emergencies and opportunities.


    Risk Management

    A key element of the Sapient Private Wealth Management approach is our strong emphasis on establishing appropriate risk controls for each client. By diversifying investments among myriad asset classes, we are able to reduce portfolio volatility and help improve overall performance. Careful consideration is given to reduce exposure to interest rate, credit, business, and inflation risk just to name a few. We have found lower portfolio volatility provides greater peace of mind to our clients.